Language is very important when it comes to publishing high impact research. A well written article has better chances of getting accepted. Reviewers for SCI journals have a zero-tolerance policy for language mistakes. To get the best results for their publications, good researchers should also adopt this policy. So, let us help you remove any language barriers and present your research in the best possible way.

Our professional team proofread, edit or rewrite your manuscripts for the best price available. We check for the consistency of voice, flow and logic, structure, typos, spelling mistakes, grammar errors and wrong use of punctuation to best convey your message to the readers. We also provide a rewriting service to the writers who think their manuscripts are not written well enough or need another mind to shuffle the words.

We provide the following services for the documents written in MS Word and Latex. All the services are also available for the pdf format.


The proofreading service is for drafts that need a final review for typos, spelling mistakes, grammar errors and wrong use of punctuation.


The editing service is for initial drafts that need a check for consistency of voice, flow and logic, organizational structure and tone. This service is great for articles written by multiple authors.


The rewriting service is for writers who think their draft is not written well enough or it needs a complete shuffle of words. 

We recommend this service for manuscripts with plagiarism over 33%.

Plagiarism removal

The plagiarism removal service is only available for manuscripts with plagiarism less than 33%*. 

*Manuscripts with more plagiarism will not be considered for this service.

Additional packages

You can choose from the three publication support packages if you want us to help you in your manuscript formatting

  • Journal formatting
  • Citation formatting
  • Plagiarism check

Types of manuscripts

We provide the services for students and academic researchers to improve your

  • Essays
  • Papers
  • Assignments
  • Journal articles & Abstracts
  • Thesis and dissertations

It must be emphasized that your work is safe and your personal information is kept completely private

You will receive

  1. A short summary of the work that has been done and any major concerns and

In case of proofreading and editing services:

  1. An edited manuscript with corrected misspellings, grammar errors and typos
  2. Changes and suggestions to help improve clarity, flow, structure, and readability
  3. Tracked revisions so that you can see and review all the changes that have been made

In case of rewriting and plagiarism removal services:

  1. A rewritten document

It is guaranteed that: will either re-edit for free or refund your fee if the paper is rejected solely because of the English language reasons*

*Material added to the manuscript after the document is returned to the client or otherwise inaccessible by is not included in this guarantee. All the recommended changes must be accepted by the client to make the claim