Many of our editors and writers have worked or are working as researchers, that is why we take pride in our work and we understand the amount of hard work you put in each research idea to convert it in to a paper, we also understand that your word represents your reputation and future.

So, it is guaranteed that:

deadlineproofing.com will either re-edit for free or refund your fee if the paper is rejected solely due to the English language reasons*

*Material added to the manuscript after the document is returned to the client or otherwise inaccessible by deadlineproofing.com is not included in this guarantee. All the recommended changes must be accepted by the client to make this claim

It is advised that

They should make all the recommended changes to the manuscript

If any new words are added, let us check them for you


Our professional editors and writers understand the professional ethics. Every team member has signed a confidentiality agreement that binds them not to disclose any information (including personal information and the contents of the manuscript) to any third party. We guarantee that none of the information related to your work will be discussed or shared at any kind of forums

In case of any disclosure of information by deadlineproofing editors or writers, deadlineproofing.com will take full responsibility and take appropriate legal action